Safe Harbor Conference 2014
November 5th-9th
We have an awesome line-up of speakers for this years conference. We are expecting REVIVAL to break out in Phoenix and start right HERE at Souls Harbor Lighthouse Apostolic Church. Check out the 2014 Conference Page for service times, speakers and hotel accommodation information.
Be sure to see our ad in the October issue of the Perspectives Magazine. Perspectives can be viewed online at Vol. 24-10
Our Annual FALL RUMMAGE SALE was a GREAT success!! Thanks be to God for His blessings and always showing us favor. Thanks to everyone who donated and worked so hard to make this sale fantastic!


I remember as a little girl growing up in rural southern Arkansas, my grandparents had well water. I remember the water being delicious and so cold, practically sweet. Nothing like it! One day, my Mamaw complained that the water tasted bitter for some reason. So my Papaw goes out to the well house, slides the lid off the top of the well, shines a light down into it, to see what he could find. What do you think he sees?…You got it, a lizard in the well! The lizard had found a tiny crack between the lid and the well opening and slithered himself right in, thinking he had found a new home, but all he did was end up polluting the water. Papaw had to fish out the dead lizard with the well bucket and then he added sugar to the well to help take the bitterness out of the water, until enough filtered through and was clean again. Now the water was really sweet!

I was reminded of this story a few services ago when Pastor Wesson was sharing about his childhood and how things used to be. While thinking of this story, I was struck with the thought of how similar our hearts are to that well. The heart is the core of our being, from where the life blood flows. The “heart” harbors our feeling and emotions. With our “heart” we love and hate. Scientifically speaking, maybe those emotions and feelings really happen in the mind, but you get the drift. These are things that we associate with the heart.

Spiritually speaking, the heart is the core of our spiritual being as well. The heart will house the emotions and desires that fuel our walk with God. What lies within the heart will surely show up on the outside at some point in time. We must keep the heart protected at all times. Even the tiniest crack or gap in the covering will let in unwanted creatures and spirits that will spoil the well. You may not even know they’re there for a while. Who knows how long that lizard had been inside our well, before he finally lost his hold and fell in? Could have been instantly….he might have run through that crack trying to escape an old crow or the farm cat, not realizing there was not solid ground inside, and fell to his death right away…or he might have been there for days, trying to find his way out, clinging to the side in the dark, finally losing his grip and falling to his watery grave. Either way, he spoiled the water; he contaminated it. It wasn’t fit to drink. It had to be boiled and purified before it could be used.

Our heart is a well within us and Satan is that tiny lizard. He finds the tiniest crack in our faith and he squeezes  his way in. Sometimes he may be there days, weeks or even months, planting a little seed and we don’t even know he’s there, but he’s not running from anything. He catches us in a moment of weakness, catches us running from God, and he creeps in. Then he falls into our well, at just the right time and the bitterness begins. Bitterness breeds unhappiness and discord. The Bible says in Matthew 12:34 ”…for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Soon that bitterness begins to spill from our mouths, poisoning our lives and the lives of those around us; wreaking havoc on our walk with God. The bitterness travels down the pipeline, affecting not only us, but others we come in contact with.

The only way to purify the water that flows from the well, the blood that flows from the heart, is to let God shine His light inside us, put our heart through the fire. We need to try our faith in the fire,  kneel at an altar, let down our spiritual well bucket and draw out the lizard…that sneaky, slimy snake – Satan! Once he is gone and the bitterness is replaced with the love of God, the joy of the Lord, again the well will run pure and that water within will be sweet!

Don’t let the lizard get in your well!




Join us at Souls Harbor Lighthouse on Friday nights at 7:30 for FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE! (check the Bulletin for schedules) These kids are amazing and you will be very blessed to see what God is doing in their lives and to be apart of it. JOIN US.


Something to think about:

                            Can this be said of your house?

Holy Ghost


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