About Us


“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.”
-Harry Truman-

Pastor and Sister Wesson are both blessed with a rich heritage.  Sister Wesson’s family settled in Arizona before it became a state.  Her great-grandfather, Guy R. Homes, was the pastor of a Pentecostal Mission from 1922 until 1946.  The Mission was located on Grand Avenue at the corner location referred to as “Five Points.”

In December of 1968, Lenna McDonald traveled to Arkansas, where she met the parents of Kenneth “Mack” Wesson.  At that time, she was also introduced to Rev. Harland Wicker, Mack’s pastor.  After introductions, Rev. Wicker stated, “The only other Lenna I have ever known was in Phoenix, Arizona when I lived on the property of Bill and Lenna Pike” (Sister Wesson’s grandparents).  He proceeded to share a testimony regarding Lenna’s grandmother.  Rev. Wicker recalled that when he lived in Phoenix, Sister Pike prayed for him and he received a miraculous healing.  This was the first time Lenna had heard someone other than immediate family members speak to her regarding her grandmother, Lenna Victoria Homes Pike, who was identified as being a woman of faith and prayer.  Lenna’s grandmother passed away in 1938, prior to Lenna’s birth.  Today, Lenna recognizes how privileged she was to have been raised by Godly parents, Jim and Wilma Pike McDonald.

Susie Butler Wesson, grandmother of Rev. Kenneth Mack Wesson, became a part of the early Pentecostal revival movement in Arkansas.  In 1947, three years before Mack was born, Sister Susie Wesson witnessed to his mother, Verna Davis Wesson.  This encounter resulted in Verna receiving her personal experience of Pentecost.  These women of faith had a tremendous influence on the life of Mack and his determination to work for God.  Eventually, Mack relocated to Phoenix from Arkansas in 1968 at the request of his uncle, Rev. G. E. Wesson, after being invited to spend the summer there.  Rev. Wesson, who had been a pastor for many years in Phoenix, invited Mack to come spend the summer with him and his family.  It was in Pastor G. E. Wesson’s church that Mack met, and later married, Lenna.

Rev. Mack and Sis. Lenna Wesson desire to share what they feel is their Heritage of Truth with this city.  We are blessed that this Heritage has resulted in powerful moves of the Spirit of God in our services and invite you to come and experience Him for yourself!